Getting to the Georg Schwarz-Straße 10 is super simple. The tram goes directly from the main train station to the front door in about 15 minutes. If you are arriving in Leipzig by bus, click here to see how to get to the tramstation. Take the number 7 tram west-bound (direction Böhlitz-Ehrenberg). The stop is Georg-Schwarz/Merseburger.

You can buy a ticket at a vending machine on the tram platform. There are also vending machines on board the trams, but they do not accept only coins.
If you buy a ticket on the platform, you will have to time-stamp it as soon as you board the tram. There are boxes labeled "Entwerter" throughout the tram car for this purpose. The reason for the time-stamps is that it is possible to buy a bunch of tickets in advance. You can then use them only when you need them. Without the time-stamp, you could just use the same pass over and over.

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